Various National Weather Service offices sponsor severe weather weeks, and the Peachtree City office usually hosts theirs during the first or second week of February.

Each day covers a different topic related to weather safety.  As potential resources during severe weather as storm spotters, safety at home must always come first, and is a necessary prerequisite to being able to spot and participate in severe weather nets.

This year's topics are: Family Preparedness, Thunderstorm Safety, Tornado Safety, Lightning Safety, and Flood Safety.

Family Preparedness - More Information.

  • Make A Plan - Ensuring the family is all on the same page regarding where to go and what to do in different circumstances.
  • Build A Kit - Have items you'll need during an emergency, such as flash lights, first-aid kits, water, food, games to entertain the kids, etc.
  • Be Informed - Have at least one weather radio handy, and an amateur radio as well.

Thunderstorm Safety - More Information.

  • Be Aware - Make it a point to know when severe weather is possible, and monitor for watches and warnings.
  • A Safe Room - Part of the Family Plan should be a specified place to go when severe weather

Tornado Safety - More Information.

  • Be Prepared - The Red Cross has a Check List that may help with your Family Plan.
  • Learn - What to do if you're in your car, at home, or out on foot.

Lightning Safety - More Information.

  • Lightning is a leading cause of weather fatalities, learn why.
  • Learn about how to be safe at home, on the road, and outdoors.

Flooding Safety - More Information.

  • Flooding has occurred before in our area, and is a high-probability event.
  • Develop a flood safety check list.
  • Learn more from the NWS.

 Finally, If you haven't taken a NWS storm spotting class, or haven't had a refresher, consider visiting the NWS Storm Spotting Information Page. Storm Spotting knowledge and the resulting ability to recognize potentially hazardous conditions is also great for enhancing the safety of your family.